The Paso Fino Sport Horse Program showcases some of the Paso Fino breed's best ambassadors, and as a promotional tool, it can't be beat. Most new Paso Fino owners discover the breed through friends and seeing Paso Finos compete at open events.

The Paso Fino Sport Horse (PFSH) rewards both Riders and Horses that excel in all-breed competitions outside of the traditional Paso Fino horse community. As a participant in PFSH, you and your horse will accumulate points based on how you place in competitions and be rewarded for all of your achievements and hard work.

  -  The horse must be registered with the Paso Fino Horse Association (PFHA) and    

     Owner and Rider must be current members of PFHA for points to count.

  -  An application form must be submitted each year prior to competing. A yearly

     fee  of $25 per horse must accompany the application.

  -  The show year will be the same as the PFHA show year September 1 – August 31.

  -  A Sport Horse Entry Form must be filled out for each event and be postmarked to

     the PFHA office within 20 days of the competition.

  -  A copy of the prize list or program from each Sanctioned or Non-Sanctioned show

     entered must be submitted with your PFSH entry. To ensure a level playing field for

     all participants, a show prize list should include: rules and class specifications,

     dates, times, names of judges/officials and show secretary name and contact

     information, fees (entry fees, late fees, stall fees, etc.) and prizes. Please attach

     each prize list to the entry sheet for that show.

  -  Shows may be Sanctioned or Non-Sanctioned (4-H and schooling shows are

     eligible), but shows and classes must be open to all breeds or all gaited breeds.

  -  Shows open only to or adjudicated by facility owners, family members, employees,

     boarders, or owners of horses in training at a single facility are not eligible for


Point Award System:

  -  All classes, except fun classes, shall have points awarded to the entries placing

     first through sixth in regular classes and first through fourth in Championship

     classes. Points shall be doubled at Sanctioned shows.

Non-Sanctioned Points -  1st- 6 points, 2nd-5 points, 3rd-4 points, 4th-3 points, 5th-2 points and 6th- 1  point.

Sanctioned Points -  1st- 12 points, 2nd-10 points, 3rd-8 points, 4th-6 points, 5th-4 points and 6th-2 p oint.

Non-Sanctioned Championships : Champion-12 points, Reserve Champion-10 points, Third Champion-8 points and Fourth Champion-6 points.

Championships : Champion-24 points, Reserve Champion-20 points, Third Champion-16 points and Fourth Champion-12 points.

Sanctioned shows would be National Hosting Organizations (this list can be added to at any time by PFHA Board of Director Approval).

Use this application, with a one-time fee of $25 made out to Piedmont PFHA, to enroll your horse in the program. This is the form used for national PFHA, just make a copy to send to Piedmont PFHA along with your check.

Use this form each time you participate in an accepted event. There is no fee involved but the form should be postmarked within 20 days of the event in which you competed. Make sure you attach the class list or event list for reference. This is also the same form  that would be used for national PFHA. 

Download the link below to the recreational riders handbook for national PFHA, which includes the rules for the sport horse program starting on p. 23.

Submit all forms, with application fee of $25 made out to Piedmont PFHA,


Milda Minter

1833 Perryman Road

Lexington, NC  27295.

If you have questions about the program, or need to see if a

specific competition is acceptable, please contact Milda:

Email: pasofinotrainer@gmail.com (or) 

Phone:  336-764-4785 or 336-225-0214.